Why The Haunted Buffalo Radio Show is so Great ...

GOOD BODY EVERY EVENING and welcome to a heart worming note regarding The Haunted Buffalo Radio show, which hails from a coffin-depth underground bunker in Buffalo, New York, USA; somewhat sort of near the raging waters of Niagara Falls! In case you’re ‘tuning’ in for the first time, I, the radio handsome spirit, Eric Charles, would like to personally welcome you to this bit of prose and note that The Haunted Buffalo Radio show is a safe haven for the paranormal, paranormal lovers and people that just love the paranormal. Throughout the upcoming years, you, the current reader / future listener, will be treated by me, your most unbelievably humble and gracious g-host, to a fantastic menagerie of phantasmagoria in all forms, including but not limited to a vast array of ghost stories... YOUR ghost stories to be less specific. I would like your stories of woe and dismemberment, your stories of poltergeist activity, your stories of maniacal laughter in your basement (preferably not of your own volition), your stories of alien abduction and eventual green card happiness and even your stories of joy, your aunt Joy that keeps shaking your bed at 3AM (just to clarify; that's not Joy). We also have interviews with fantastic live humans from all areas of para-expertise and some not so experienced but with a lot of heart (in their desk drawer). You will be mistreated to music by various artists in the spiritual as well as the horror vein, as well as some horribly spiritual and yet others, spiritually horrible. I do hope all you boys and ghouls will you’re your mental trick AND treat bags open & ready to digest the rotten food for thought, offered by The Haunted Buffalo Radio Show, which airs every Wednesday night at 9PM, EST. The Haunted Buffalo Radio Show can be heard online at either www.TheHauntedBuffalo.com or www.para-x.com and is brought to you by para-x radio network, cbs radio, nokia network radio and tune-in-radio. episodes in syndication can be heard at any time on itunes and various other web portals. for instant information, check out, THB Facebook or my personal FB page Spirit Eric Charles If you have a personal paranormal story that you would enjoy sharing with the world, investigate with a group that would like exposure or would be enthralled to hear your ghostly-infused music played on the show; then by all means contact me via thehauntedbuffalo@gmail.com and let’s bring to life some dead air!

There you have it creeps, the first step in your recovery process to take back old-time radio goodness. It’s YOUR show, be a part of it. Thank you, dearest reader, for taking note; until we connect again, pleasant screams.

Legal note: The Haunted Buffalo Radio Show cannot be held liable for any spirit activity that follows you, subsequent to reading this article or tuning in to the show, which again, airs every Wednesday night, 9PM EST on www.para-x.com. Good day everyone. I SAID GOOD DAY.