THB is converting to a LIVE WEEKLY RADIO SHOW!

The Haunted Buffalo Podcast

Time for some new doings' to transpire. THB was recently picked up by the para-x radio network! That's right, I'll actually be sharing the airwaves with awesome hosts and shows like the black cat lounge with rev. tim shaw, stirring the cauldron with marla brooks, beyond the edge radio with eric altman and many more. Show will be on Wednesday nights at 9pm. pilot launch will happen soon, and I'll keep you posted. remember, if you want to be on the show ... send me your stories! if you have a paranormal group, service, team, book or photos of you being abducted by aliens ... I want to hear from you and so does at least a few other people! Shows will still populate on iTunes, so no worries if you want to download and enjoy again and again and again and again and again and again ... Oh, and I'll prob have to revamp this website now because I don't have enough to do. ALL GOOD! Talk soon peeps!

The Return of The Haunted Buffalo

The Haunted Buffalo Podcast

This has been such a packed year for THB, since last fall really, that I have several backed up shows in the mix. I have hours of audio to edit and organize for your listening unjoinment. Upcoming we have episodes with WNYGHOST, A Return to Van Horn for a seance, a Naval park episode, several interviews with psychic and Voodoo friends ... and more. I'm still collecting stories for the next all ghost episode as well, so if you have a story to submit, please email it to me at thehauntedbuffalo@gmail.com! There has also been a lot more going on with the tunes lately and if you're interested in hearing a few of my crummy campfire songs, just check out The Haunted Buffalo on Soundcloud.com. I'm sure you'll be dissappointed. So then, thanks so much for hanging in there for the new episodes and tunes and again, please, be a part of it! Sincerely, Eric Charles T.

THB Podcast, Episode #4

an interview with Chris Pirrone of the P.P.R.G.

The Haunted Buffalo Podcast

In this episode of The Haunted Buffalo Podcast, I head to P.P.R.G Headquarters in Clarence Center NY and talk with Chris Pirrone, founder and leader of the Paranormal Phenomenon Research Group or P.P.R.G for short. We discuss a bit of personal history, a bit of PPRG history and some insightful moments from PPRG investigations, including a few pretty sweet EVP's. Look for a series of upcoming podcasts with Chris Pirrone, on Ghosts of Gettysburg. Lastly, I talk a bit about the upcoming Beyond Ghosts Paranormal/Horror convention that will take place in May 2012 at the Buffalo Central Train Terminal. Not to be missed for sure. Well, enough of me talking and talking and talking. Time to listen to PPRG on . The Haunted Buffalo Podcast.

THB Podcast, Episode #3 Special Edition!

Beyond Ghosts & The Van Horn Mansion

The Haunted Buffalo Podcast

Good body every evening! Well it's December 4th already and that can only mean that I spent last night enjoying a full blown paranormal investigation at the fancy lad Van Horn Mansion in Burt NY, right near the dam I used to catch rock bass at not too long ago. This event was put on by the fine folks at BEYOND GHOSTS (para-historians) and I must say, they are absolutely a quality crew of almost humans indeed. If you ever have the chance to check out an event they are running, DO IT! Besides making me feel like I've known them for way longer than thirty minutes, (probably more like forty five) they really did run a fun and yes, exciting event. Lots of energy from hosts and ghosts alike! As well, those that showed for the event were really an outstanding and courteous lot (means a lot to me). Guests came crazy equipped with infrared and full spectrum cameras, laser field motion detectors, radio frequency modulators and more! Of course Beyond Ghosts had their mechanisms too, such as EMF meters, voice decoders and their extra scientific gizmo ... flashlights. Funny enough, the simple flash lights worked amazingly at establishing some sort of communication, but I'll get into that in a bit, I guess I'll start with our arrival at ... The Van Horn Mansion. READ MORE! ...

THB Podcast, Episode #2

The Haunted Buffalo Podcast

In this episode of The Haunted Buffalo Podcast, you'll be 'treated' to a few moments of my 3 year old trick-or-treating, followed by true stories of the unknown from Jake in Buffalo, NY who has seen shadows at his grandfathers house! You'll be moderately traumatized by Michelle from Franklinville, NY, who, Ouija board in hand, apparently released the Kraken in a local haunted cemetery. You'll be somewhat muffled, hearing Jennifer from Connecticut talk about her Grandfather, saving her from beyond the grave! You'll be uncomfortably numb, listening to another Michelle, this time from Fort Erie, Ontario Canada, talk about her haunting experience! Next you'll get petered out by Pete's tale of a haunted recording studio in Cleveland, OH! But WAIT, there's more! In this episode, I've started a new section called "Shorts . of the Unknown!" where people can send in, even the shortest experience and still be a part of it. This one is so short it only has one short! Finally, THB leaves you with an interview that I did for 91.3FM/WBNY. In that I try to explain more of what The Haunted Buffalo is all about, because not only is it a podcast, but it's also music/design/photography/merchandise and more, all based within the common theme of "I don't know what the heck just happened". Soooo, pull up a relaxing situation, tune in to THB for the next hour or so, and let your worries fade away fast, listening to the horrible situations that happen to people. Just don't forget about the muffins in your oven. As always, if you have a story to submit, please email me at thehauntedbuffalo@gmail.com BE A PART OF IT!

THB Podcast, Episode #1

The Haunted Buffalo Podcast

In this first doomed episode of The Haunted Buffalo Podcast, We have personal paranormal stories ranging from a haunted toilet in Toronto to a ghostly house ransacking in Texas! You'll also hear tales from a residence that used to be a sanitarium, whispering ghosts, Ouija board madness and more. Also included in this episode is an interview with the Horror Rock band, The Rabies. So down a load, enjoy the camp and circumstance and when you're done, email me more stories and interview requests to be on The Haunted Buffalo Podcast! As always, if you have a story to submit, please email me at thehauntedbuffalo@gmail.com BE A PART OF IT!

-Kindred Spirits-